Tremendous Attractions of Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks-UNESCO World Heritage Site


Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks consists of Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kootenay National Park and other 3 provincial parks. Today, I’m going to introduce what’s special and what to do in Banff National Park.





The town of Banff is located approximately 150km west of Calgary. The access is very convenient because there are a few Airporters connecting from Calgary to Banff, and some guide companies have shuttle buses to Banff as well. The views you will see on the way to Banff are just spectacular. The first 80km of the way is the flat ground, prairie which is one of the icons of Alberta. After getting into the Rockies, the view will change dramatically and you will see massive mountains with rough cliffs. Even in summer, there is still remaining snow on those tops of the mountains, which lets the views stand out even more. Those views will be engraved in your heart.


The Town of Banff

The town has a main avenue called Banff Ave. and there are a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants along the way.


Summer activities recommendations
I will introduce you some of the awesome summer activities that you can do around the town of Banff.



Hiking in the Rockies is one of the greatest activities you can experience in Canada during summer, you can hike the Rockies with about 20℃ of cozy atmosphere, appreciating majestic nature. Some routes I recommend to hike for beginners are C-level Cirque, Sulfur Mt. and Tunnel Mt. Each course takes you approximately 2 hours one way so that wouldn’t be so hard to complete the hikes.



Camping is something I strongly suggest you do when you come to the Rockies. Set a tent and have a campfire with your friends, family or whoever is important to you is such a good relaxation of your life. It’s also good to make s’mores and have a barbecue to eat delicious Alberta beef. The sunset time is about 10 pm, so you can hang and enjoy until late night. After the sunset, you can go to bed feeling a cool breeze blowing on your cheek. Yet, what I recommend you to do is stargazing if the sky is clear. If you are lucky, you would get to see a show of the earth, the aurora borealis. You might feel the sky is way closer than it usually is because the stars seem to be bigger and glow really bright. You can find a good dark spot to stargaze after walking 2minutes from a campsite. It will be an epic time for you.



Canada has many organized cycling roads and there is a path called Legacy Trail from Banff to Canmore which is 30km away from Banff. First, rent a bike at some cycling shop in Banff and you are free to go on an awesome ride while enjoying the views. If you are thinking 30km for one way is too long, you can take a bus running from Banff to Canmore, or you can go to Vermillion Lake, that is located right beside the town. The course is about 8km round trip, so you can go biking there casually. Since it is a great habitation of a variety of animals, you might be able to see some animals like mule along the way.


The lake is famous for the mountains reflected on the lake. The reflection is beautiful when there’s no wind.


Yet there’s more

Today I introduced about the town of Banff in Canadian Rockies, and what you can do around the town and its attractive points. Yet there are more activities you can experience in summer Banff such as kayaking, canoeing, rafting, fishing, climbing and so on, so next time I would like to initiate some of the awesome winter activities of Banff.




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